October 17, 2006

Comparison Shopping Search Backlash - GmbmG

"(Give Me Back My Google) automatically strips out a ton of affiliate spam from Google. The results are quite revealing. -Battelle"

Silly, silly, silly. This site is nothing more than a jump page for an advanced search query. Not that there is anything wrong with that. No, the sillyness is that they do not strip out the real crappola, they only strip out the top-tier shopping engines, mainly from the UK.


It is a crude game of whack-a-mole. Get rid of the top-tier shopping engines and you are left with... a zillion second-tier shopping engines... not to mention the real affiliate spam that has no functionality. Still, the sentiment will probably ring true for many web searchers, who feel overwhelmed by commercialization of mixed-intent search results. If that is the case, there are real tools for the job...

Comparison Shopping Search Backlash - GmbmG (2)
Posted by Sean O'Rourke on October 17, 2006 at 9:24 AM
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I agree, the site us useless. Not only does it filter out the decent shopping engines, but it pays no heed to the crap it's supposed to remove. Their implementation is extremely poor and can be copied in just a couple minutes. I don't even think they deserve a link.

Posted by Scott at October 17, 2006 3:13 PM

I really agree. Google is the most difficult place to search. Anything you are looking for is on the right hand side. Why don't they do away with search results and just use the ads?

Posted by Jeff at November 25, 2006 12:49 PM


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