January 7, 2005

Online Shopping Trends in the Year of the Women

Statistics included in Business Week's artice, Holiday E-Tailing's Year of the Woman:

"PriceGrabber, for one, saw spikes of 149% in jewelry, 239% in apparel, 153% in home and garden, and 313% in flowers, making consumer-electronics' gains of 121% look measly."

My gut feeling, based on my experience in collecting and comparing shopping resources in a wide variety of categories, is that high-growth areas like home & garden are lagging behind established areas like consumer electronics in the breadth and depth of their comparison shopping resources. Perhaps that gap will narrow before the next holiday shopping season.

Online Shopping Trends in the Year of the Women
Posted by Sean O'Rourke on January 7, 2005 at 10:35 AM
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